Lorence Martial Arts Studio offers a variety of ways to get you or your child started in martial arts training.  Our goal is to meet your needs, so we have created programs for each type of student.

Basics Course
This program has been created to introduce students to our core tae kwon do techniques.  Your training will be two times a week for eight weeks, and after these two months you will be promoted to your next belt.  At that point you can then sign up to continue your training as a full time student.  The Basics Course is open to adults and children in second grade and up.

Little Kickers
We have developed a program specifically for those starting while in kindergarten or first grade.  Your young child will participate in classes about 50 minutes long learning the basics of tae kwon do while participating in other drills to help develop their basic motor muscle movements and balance.  A different belt ranking system is used to aid your child in his or her growth.   All Little Kickers go through an 8 class trial period, after which you will meet with the instructor to discuss the best way for your child to continue training.  Once your child graduates from the program he or she will move into the general classes.

Transfer Students
Are you looking for a new martial arts school, or have you taken a few years off and are now looking to regain your skills and continue in your training?  Lorence Martial Arts Studio gladly welcomes transfer students no matter what belt rank you have or what style you are familiar with.  We work with each of you based off of your experience to find out how we can get you smoothly transitioned into our school.  Contact us by email or phone or stop in, and we will take the time to meet with you one on one to decide how to get you started.

We offer self-defense seminars on or off site.  Seminars can run from as short as one hour up to a multiple day program, and include women’s only seminars and those for any type of organization or group such as business and leadership teams or churches and schools, including home school groups.  Email or call with your special request.

Private and Semi-private Training                                                                                                                         Are you looking for martial arts training that is customized to you and has an instructor solely focused on you?  We will work with you to create a program specialized just for you, your family, or other small group.  Contact us with any questions as these situations require flexibility and are created on a case-by-case basis.

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