What is a typical class like?

Our regular classes are an hour long (50 minutes for Little Kickers).  They start with a simple “bow in”, where we recite our student oath and spend some time in silence before training starts.  Then we stretch and warm-up for about 15 minutes and practice a variety of things the rest of the class.  Some classes are high paced and very aerobic; others may be slower and quieter.  Lastly, we end the class with a simple “bow out”.

What martial art do you teach?

Our core curriculum is the Korean martial art of tae kwon do.  However, we also train in some aspects of Inayan Eskrima with classes dedicated to that unique system coming in the future.  Some basic grappling is also taught.

What if I have trained somewhere else already?

We take each one of these on a case-by-case basis.  All things are considered such as style learned, rank achieved, time since previous training, etc.

Do I have to be flexible to practice Tae Kwon Do?

It is rare that anyone is naturally “flexible”.  No matter what martial art you are in, regular stretching will be a major benefit.  That is integral to your optimal health, safety, and success.  Just because someone in the movies can kick head high does not mean you need to to succeed in tae kwon do.  And no matter how high you kick, your flexibility will improve the longer you train.

What if I can’t do all of the physical requirements?

You have our word that we will work with you where you are at.  Your skills will increase over time, so don’t worry about where you are today.  Just aim to be better than you were yesterday.  We will consider any accommodations that may be necessary for a student to succeed.  That also applies to those with disabilities.  As always, see your physician before starting any exercise program if you have questions about your health and ability to participate.

Why are there so many martial arts?  What’s the difference?

This is a big question that takes a bit of exploring on your own, but we can sum it up here.  Different styles were created for different purposes.  Some martial arts focus on kicking and hand strikes.  Some spend a lot of time on the ground grappling, kind of like wrestling.  Others may focus on throwing opponents or using joint locks.  While others may use weapons – and there’s just as much variety there, too!

Do you teach any eastern religion or meditation?

No.  However, we do spend a moment in silence before class to help get mentally prepared for training, but it is not promoted as meditation.  Students are encouraged to pray silently during that time if they are comfortable with that.

Do I have to learn how to use a weapon?

No.  While some weapons may be taught at our school, they will not be a requirement for belt rank achievement in tae kwon do.  We may teach Inayan Eskrima in the future, but that will be done in classes dedicated to that martial arts system.

Are you an ITF or WTF school?

We are not affiliated with either the International Taekwon-Do Federation or World Taekwondo Federation or any other martial arts association.  

Can I see more photos of your students, school, and activities?

Yes.  Check out our Facebook page.  Or better yet, visit!

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