Brian Lorence is the head instructor at Lorence Martial Arts Studio.  His training in tae kwon do, a Korean style with some similarities to karate, began at the age of 14 in the small northcentral WI town of Abbotsford.  Shortly after starting, Mr. Lorence began learning the Inayan System of Eskrima, which included the great opportunity to train directly with the late Michael Inay, the founder of the Inayan System of Eskrima.  Mr.Lorence received his black belt when he was 18.  As a teenager he started assistant instructing and eventually teaching tae kwon, do in his school.  When studying in a Vermont college Mr. Lorence also ran a martial arts club.  

After being away from teaching for a few years while on other endeavors, he opened Lorence Martial Arts Studio, LLC in June of 2009 in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.  A local church graciously allowed the use of space they had, and that is where Mr. Lorence starting developing the curriculum he uses today.  After those two years in Milwaukee he made the tough decision to close his original location and move across the metro to Waukesha.  There he hopes to be a positive influence in the community, sharing everything the martial arts have given him.  Currently, the studio meets at Brookfield Square Mall.  One of the goals for Lorence Martial Arts Studio is to move to a permanent location in the community where we can expand our hours and programs to be a benefit to more people of the area.

Brian continues in his tae kwon do training and is also progressing through Inayan Eskrima, which includes training with the grandmaster, Jason Inay.  He looks forward to meeting you and sharing with you his excitement of the martial arts.

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