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Our goal at Lorence Martial Arts Studio is simple: We want to give you the best martial arts experience in the surrounding Waukesha area with our exceptional training and welcoming atmosphere.  Both the young and the young-at-heart are invited to join us so we can help you achieve better health while learning real ways to protect yourself and your family.  We do this through training in tae kwon do, the most well known martial art of Korea.  Sometimes seen as taekwon-do or taekwondo, or described by some as a Korean form of karate, tae kwon do is known not just for its self defense, but also for the healthy way of life it promotes.

Just as the best musicians and the finest craftsmen aren’t made over night, neither are successful martial artists.  Therefore, we stick with the proven philosophy that patience with and in our students helps develop the best skills.  No one is rushed through training, whether adult or child.  Instead, we keep a close eye on every individual, developing a plan to help each one grow.  However, if you or your child is moving at an accelerated pace, we will move right with you to help you meet your goals as soon as possible. 

We are up front about the costs of training and work hard to keep them at an affordable rate, so more people can experience the awesome benefits of our martial arts school. That includes pricing that makes it easy for the whole family to join.  This website only gives you a snippet of what Lorence Martial Arts Studio is about, so we invite you to visit and watch a class.  We promise to make you feel welcome and not put any pressure on you to sign up.  We hope that what you experience during your visit will be enough to convince you that we are the right choice for your martial arts training.  Feel free to contact us to plan a visit or to ask any questions that you do not find an answer to here.

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